It can be tough growing a technology company. You might have a great invention, but it needs to become a product. Your business may need investment before it can grow. And you need people with the skills to deliver your plan.

Your strategy is key to your success. Pitching to raise the funding. Finding the right market and developing a product which fits. Building a team to grow with the business. None of this is easy.

That’s where we can help, because we’ve been there. We provide advice on your strategic options and support you to make the best decision.

If you’d like to discuss the challenges and opportunities for your business, please get in touch.

Who we are

Stephen Tunnicliffe-Wilson is an Engineering and Masters Graduate with CEO / CTO experience in leading growth, change and M&A in a technology company.

He brings a combination of business experience and technical knowledge to help your company succeed.

How we work

We believe in forming an alliance with our clients by working together to deliver the greatest value to your business.

We will adapt our approach by listening to your needs, so that we understand your challenges and opportunities before proposing solutions.

We work transparently with our clients through open communication, providing clear proposals and regular reporting.

We provide pro-bono advice and mentoring through programmes at Cambridge Judge Business School, Cambridge Enterprise, Deeptech Labs, Sure Valley Ventures, Carbon 13 and Allia Future Business Centre. We also give selected pre-revenue startups up to 10 hours free advice.

For post-revenue, scale-up and SME clients our commercial rates are £100/hour.

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